Ford California LWB 2 seat Utility

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Options and upgrade model features include heavy duty tow bar, lifted suspension and 22 inch turf or road tyres, Lithium battery pack, 5kw AC motor, and for heavy towing or hilly applications a low-cost upgrade to 4-wheel hydraulic brakes is available. A safety glass windscreen with electric wiper washer, 2 or 3-point seat belts, ladder racks, amber beacon light tool boxes and custom cabinets are available and rain covers, seat covers and custom paint options are also available. For a complete list of models, options and accessories please contact us.

Technical Specifications

Motor 4.0kw DC shunt wound
Battery Trojan 8v T875, On-board Charger, Controller – Curtis, Speed-limited 18 kph
Electrics Head & tail lights, Horn, On-board 48V DC to 12V DC inverter, USB Dashboard jack, 12V dashboard power outlet
Steering self-compensating double reduction rack & pinion
Suspension Front – coil springs & arms, Rear – leaf springs with hydraulic shock absorbers
Brakes 2 wheel mechanical rear wheel, foot operated park
Windscreen Split fold
Body & Chassis Impact resistant plastic front cowl, Impact resistant rear body, Powder coated steel chassis (15 year warranty)
Wheels & Tyres 10 inch alloy whee lwith low profile turf tyres
Cargo Bed Dimensions 1650 x 1110 x 250cm

Options & Accessories

Options Battery Watering System [already included under batteries], Delux seats, Electric Tipper Bed, Tow Bar
Battery Upgrade Lithium batteries, Lead Crystal maintenance free batteries
Available Colours Black, Blue, Champagne, Green, Red, White, Yellow, Custom Sign-writing/Vehicle wrap
Available Accessories amber beacon light, conditional rego pack inc amber beacon light & reflectors, ladder rack, mirrors, rain cover – roll down weather curtain enclosures, seat belts
Seat Covers canvas, cotton, towelling, mesh

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